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Island business helps customers through the ‘labyrinth’ of computer software

By Holly Benton

Bill Kopelcheck Bill Kopelcheck Bill Kopelcheck has always loved the ocean – that’s why he loves the Conanicus Avenue location of his business, Labyrinth Business Solutions.

“Years ago, we were always summering down on the coast and doing a lot of sailing,” he said. “Newport was always the big draw.”

Now, Kopelcheck can gaze across the bay toward Newport throughout his day. But many Jamestowners who pass by the idyllic location aren’t quite sure what to make of the business tucked in next to Ken’s Barber Shop.

What they might not guess is that the site is home to a worldclass business management consulting and computer solutions firm that “helps people through the maze” of the ever-changing world of integrated accounting, distribution and manufacturing software.

Specializing in Microsoft Navision application, Labyrinth is a Microsoft gold-certified partner and independent software vendor that offers solutions to both the food and jewelry industries.

“Some of the largest firms in the jewelry industry rely on our NAV solution,” said Kopelcheck, an island resident and founder of the firm.

Born in West Hartford, Conn., Kopelcheck attended the University of South Florida, where he majored in marketing. Throughout his career, he accumulated experience in systems implementation, design and project management, and in 2001, he founded Labyrinth with the hope of delivering quality software solutions to the food and jewelry industries.

The desire to build a comprehensive package for his clients was the focus of Labyrinth’s foray into jewelry industry computer solutions.

Although there were many firms working with jewelry, Kopelcheck said that each package was built specifically for an individual client and would traditionally lose focus on the industry as a whole. So he designed a blueprint for the industry’s overall needs and created specific solutions that were easily adaptable to various clients with minimal modification.

“Early jewelry software packages were built similarly to a quilt,” Kopelcheck said. “It was never really built thinking, ‘What’s the best way to do this?’ They were always built piecemeal from client to client and we knew that we could build a much more comprehensive package.”

Part of successfully building that package, he said, is using the evolving technology that partnering with Microsoft and its suite of products allows.

Kopelcheck and Labyrinth created a completely integrated system that is now a leader in the world’s jewelry industry, he said.

In addition to working with the jewelry industry, Kopelcheck also saw opportunities in the food distribution industry, focusing on the accounting and distribution needs of companies such as Newport Specialty Foods, which concentrates on gourmet foods, delivers to local restaurants and caters throughout New England.

Labyrinth also offers solutions for customer relationship management and business intelligence for most accounting packages.

Customer relationship management is the “ultimate tool,” Kopelcheck said, because it allows a company to surpass a client’s expectations. Users can create an account for each client that helps them to remain “in sync” with their customers.

“It’s really powerful stuff,” he said. “When the phone rings, the program recognizes the phone number and it will pull up the account associated with that number.”

That allows users to see an “instantaneous” display of that particular client’s records, Kopelcheck said.

Such business intelligence guarantees “unparalleled access” for the user, he said – and that access makes it possible for users to more effectively manage their business.

“A sales rep can say ‘give me my sales data’ by specific criteria,” Kopelcheck said. “The client doesn’t have to know where and how to get it, the BI application will just get it for them.”

Surviving in this difficult economy through word of mouth and a flawless reputation, Kopelcheck said Labyrinth explicitly caters to the client.

“We see if we have what people need,” Kopelcheck said. “If we don’t, then we create what they need. We develop things, we convert their data from legacy systems to the new solutions, and we manage the project of implementing the new solution from start to finish.”

Kopelcheck’s desire to exceed customer expectations is apparent even in the company business card, which is engraved in stainless steel.

“We originally had a plastic card,” he said. “But you couldn’t write on the back of it, so we started looking for something new. I saw an example of a metal one, and it really took the place of pens and hats, because people are surprised by its novelty and keep it around.”

In his free time, Kopelcheck enjoys golf and sailing. He lives with his wife, Peg, who works for Team One Embroidery in Newport. They have two sons, Will and Chris.

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