2010-03-11 / Letters to the Editor

Check your carbon monoxide detectors

I am writing to tell about a very frightening experience my family endured this past week.

My son, Matthew, and I came home around 5:30 p.m. to hear the carbon monoxide detector alarm going off in our basement. Tony arrived at about the same time. Since we had another alarm, he switched them, but after about 10 minutes, it went off again so we knew there was a problem.

I called 911 and explained the situation; she advised me to get everyone out of the house and wait for help. Within about five minutes, Ron Barber and Ken Gladding arrived. How lucky we are to have two very experienced volunteers right in our neighborhood of East Passage. Soon the fire truck, an ambulance and Jamestown Police arrived, along with many other wonderful volunteers.

When they went into our backyard, the back wall near the fan was covered in black soot from the boiler fan. This is despite our having our boiler serviced and cleaned yearly and only two weeks ago, more work was done on it.

Hopefully, everyone reading this will be sure they have working detectors. If you don’t have them, please get them. I am a retroactive worrier, especially about my family. I try not to think what could have happened to us if we did not have these detectors in our home. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.

Thank you again to everyone who responded. Jamestown residents are so fortunate to have all of you here for us.
Karen Rafanelli

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