2010-03-18 / Letters to the Editor

‘Let the coal dust fall on somebody else’s home’

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the Town Council and copied to the Jamestown Press.

This letter serves as my resignation from the Jamestown Wind Energy Committee.

I do not support the current Town Council’s decision to prevent the voters of Jamestown from deciding on the benefi ts of installing a wind turbine at Ft. Getty.

While voters will be allowed to decide on a Taylor Point installation, the financial opportunity and environmental benefit that will be missed at Ft. Getty, based on some yetto be-determined vision of a long-neglected infrastructure, cannot go unnoticed.

Jamestown continues to think like an island when it comes to energy and the environment. We can just say “no”– flip on the light switch, stop the tankers, ship our trash to Johnston and let the coal dust fall on somebody else’s house in Somerset.

But we’ll be green with our token wind turbine at Taylor Point with little or no skin.

Let our kids worry about the rest. We’re good.
William C. “Bucky” Brennan

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