2010-03-18 / Letters to the Editor

Put the windmill up in my yard

What gives with Councilors Schnack, Murphy and Bowen voting against a windmill at Ft. Getty? I thought I was voting for good old native common sense in the last election.

There is one overriding problem in this country today – our reliance on foreign energy!

Just let me count the ways: Two wars waged by oil-financed terrorists, our economy controlled by energy costs, prices at the mercy of those who hate us, our environment at risk.

So what happens in Jamestown? Three councilors vote against a proposal that a wind energy committee spent money and time doing a thorough study of, finally recommending two windmills – one at Taylor Point and one at Ft. Getty.

I don’t blame Don Wineberg for angrily resigning from all town committees. He has done yeoman’s work for this town and now we’ve lost him. Apparently, the objection to Ft. Getty was looking at a windmill, or noise, or something called “flicker” or a native flower, or something just as silly.

Two of my sons graduated from Portsmouth Abbey, and I have walked under and around their windmill – it’s great. Thank God for a smart monk who just got the job done.

So I have a proposal for the council. Put the windmill up on my 10 acres. I’ll gladly look at it every day – noise, flicker, endangered violet, and rest easy every night thinking – there, take that you foreign oil rich blokes!
Phil Willis

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