2010-04-08 / About Town

Resident beach stickers now on sale

Resident beach stickers are on sale now at the recreation center at 41 Conanicus Ave., Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to noon. Stickers will also be available at Ft. Getty beginning May 20 and at Mackerel Cove beginning June 12.

The cost of each sticker is $15. The sticker provides seasonal parking at Mackerel Cove, Shores Beach (a.k.a. “Head’s Beach”) and Ft. Getty park.

You must be a resident of Jamestown or have a 30-plus day lease to purchase a sticker. Proof of residency must be presented when obtaining a sticker.

A separate car registration must be presented for each sticker purchased.

Call Andrea at 423-7211 for more information.

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