2010-04-08 / Letters to the Editor

‘Dialogue…not a one-way street’

At the time I am writing this, it has been nearly two weeks since I e-mailed the letter that appeared in the Jamestown Press last Thursday. The letter was originally sent by e-mail to all current sitting Town Council members. It was also sent to the town administrator.

I have only received a response of any kind from one person that this letter was forwarded to.

In this letter appeared the counterpoints and alternative lines of thought that differed from my own. I thanked this person for the reply, as I had spent some considerable time putting together the original comments.

I am troubled that I have not even received an acknowledgement from any other person that the letter was received – much less read and considered! It may just be my opinion; however, when a person in the community engages the community leaders on a particular subject, they should at least get a response – regardless of whether it is favorable or not.

I recently had a problem over six weeks with a statelevel agency. After trying to resolve the issue myself, I sent a letter (attached to an email) to Sen. Paiva-Weed. I actually received a response and the issue was rectified with the state agency within (16) hours.

Has Jamestown become so big that the people within the community cannot receive a reply in two weeks or longer from elected leaders? It is one thing for any proposal to be pushed forward that is obviously unpopular. It is entirely another when done so with no answers to one’s question or counter-proposal. Dialogue is an exchange of ideas or opinions. It is not a one-way street.

What do you say Jamestown?
Paul Christman

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