2010-04-08 / Letters to the Editor

Use your own money to save ACO position

Really? The animal control offi cer’s position costs the town $75,000 per year in salary and benefi ts? Wow...I’m in the wrong business!

That there’s even a debate about keeping this position is even more perplexing. This isn’t about “morality” or “compassion” as expressed by Paul Christman in his letter to the Press last week, nor is it about the “character of Jamestown” as expressed by Nancy Crawford in her letter to the Press last week. It’s simply a matter of fiscal prudence.

Nancy Crawford does not speak for all Jamestown residents when she claims “We want to keep our animal control officer and keep the character of Jamestown alive for us and for our animals.”

I urge the town administrator and the Town Council to make the right and necessary decision to eliminate the ACO position and find an affordable alternative. And to all the supporters who do not want this position cut, I suggest you use your own money to save the position and not ask all Jamestown taxpayers to foot the bill.
Steve Mecca

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