2010-04-08 / Letters to the Editor

We’re lucky to have quality firefighters

We want to express our deepest thanks to Jamestown Fire Chief Jim Bryer and the JFD volunteers who came to pump down the water levels filling the basement of the keeper’s house at Beavertail Lighthouse last Tuesday.

Chief Bryer, we thank you for coming out personally to assess our situation, and for the upbeat sense of can-do shown by volunteers Joshua Page, Christian Texeira and Gary Largess, who arrived in time to make a critical difference for us. Their team effort kept the water level from reaching the burner of the furnace.

Later that day, when we asked about the possibility of getting a second round of assistance, JFD volunteer Bill Murphy came by, checked out the basement and suggested that our two pumps might do the job for the night.

The following morning, the Chief returned, bringing us a pump and hose to use until it was needed elsewhere, and this, too, was a big help. Vinny Vessella and Mary Ann Joyce came by a couple of hours later to pick up the pump to use in other island homes awash in this tremendous volume of rain.

We know that the two pumps we were using would not have kept up with the rising water during the worst part of the storm, and our furnace would certainly have been damaged without your intervention. Thank you so much for your quick and crucial help.

We feel grateful to you and very lucky to have the quality individuals we do in the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department. We wish each and every one of your team members robust good health and many, many bright sunny days to enjoy!
Lanette Spranzo Macaruso
Beavertail Lighthouse
Museum Association

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