2010-04-08 / News

Jamestown Historical Society gets state grant

Rep. Deborah Ruggiero recently delivered a $1,000 legislative grant to the Jamestown Historical Society to help it create a museum exhibit on Jamestown farm life.

The money will be used to create displays and a handout for visitors to the exhibit, which will be displayed in the Jamestown Historical Society’s museum this summer.

“In conjunction with the town’s Planning Department, we’ve been digitizing our historic maps of the island. The grant will let us display more dynamically the decline of farmland from almost 90% of the island in 1850 to about 10% now,” said Rosemary Enright, president of the Jamestown Historical Society.

Representative Ruggiero said she is pleased to be able to provide funding for a project that will help tell the story of the island and educate the public on the necessity of conservation now.

“This exhibit is going to be an interesting and thought-provoking experience for those of us who live in Jamestown. It will show how agriculture went from being the main industry on the island to what it is today, and will illustrate how important it is to support and preserve the farms that remain. I’m grateful to the Jamestown Historical Society for its work in presenting and preserving this information for the public,” she said.

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