2010-04-15 / Editorial

Deadline pending for Jamestown phonebook


Anticipation is in the air as the Jamestown Press prepares the 2010-2011 Jamestown Telephone Directory for publication.

The local phonebook has become an island tradition and is compiled annually by the Junior Women’s Club of Jamestown. The phonebook has been a joint project between the Junior Women’s Club and the Jamestown Press for many years. Each year, the Press donates proceeds from the phonebook to the club and its members use the money to do the many good deeds for which the club is so well known.

Those Junior Women’s Club good deeds include the recent Easter Egg Hunt, college scholarships and a seemingly endless number of civic contributions. It takes a full page in the phonebook each year to list all of the club’s efforts in Jamestown.

Published in late spring, the phonebook is mailed to every home in Jamestown and is available locally.

Those merchants and businesses that would like to advertise in the phonebook should call the Jamestown Press at 423-3200 right away. The deadline for ads is this week.

In addition to a display ad, each advertiser will also receive a bold phone number listing with a big star, so the business phone number will stand out. There is also an index offering a quick way to look up advertisers.

Island residents sometimes find they would like to change their listings from those in the Verizon or Cox phonebooks. Islanders may also list their cell phones and fax numbers. Those who would like to change their listing can easily do so online at www.JamestownPress.com. Just click on the box that says, “Update your phonebook listing,” and you will be directed to a short form to complete.

Don’t miss a call. Reserve your ad space and update your phone listing now!

— Jeff McDonough

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