2010-04-15 / Letters to the Editor

ACO saves town headaches

I think Mr. Mecca is “barking up the wrong tree” with his caustic but not improbable concept that we animal lovers who are “seeing red” should be willing to pay extra to have an ACO on the island. This proposition will not fall easily on the ears of town taxpayers who never had a child in our school system – and that’s just one example.

However, I meet dozens of dog owners every night at Ft. Getty at sunset who have no problem with this. The fee could be included with registration and licensing. Add that speculative amount to the also-speculative fee for the North Kingstown pound – plus the $14,000 to keep the health plan for the ACO (whether or not she stays) and the town is not saving a lot of money, but we are saving a lot of headaches. The N.K. pound can’t handle their own load.

Furthermore, I do not believe there is one town-paid worker who could justify the scrutiny that is being piled on the Gregory girl – not one, including Mr. Keiser – if they were in her shoes.

Finally, I commend the Press on its selection of ACO letters that go to print. No one wants to be unpopular with the very people they rub shoulders with, but you guys redefine the phrase “fair and balanced.”
Arlene Seraichyk

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