2010-04-15 / Letters to the Editor

‘Reed conversation was same old rhetoric’

Community conversation with Jack Reed? What conversation? Last Wednesday, what was billed as a chance to discuss a variety of concerns with the senator turned out to be nothing but canned remarks anyone could read in the newspaper. We watched a controlled presentation with the same old rhetoric.

The small group in the Jamestown Baptist Church, in the senator’s hometown, deserved better. No one was angry or demonstrating or noisy – just polite constituents who wanted to talk to the senator.

I had a particular request to make: “Senator, go see Obama! Remind him of your loyalty and tell him you don’t want the Louisiana Purchase or the Nebraska Bail Out. You want him to stop the LNG facility! We want American natural gas, not foreign natural gas.”

It is interesting that politicians can always find time to talk to voters when they are campaigning, but quickly forget after they get elected. No wonder Congress has the lowest poll numbers in history.

Just business as usual.
Phil Willis

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