2010-04-15 / Letters to the Editor

Scarecrow competition to kick off May 3

Sally Scarecrow now has the entry forms for “The Spring Scary Scarecrow Competition” ready for pick up. She is standing in our garden at 155 Conanicus Ave.

The competition will be judged during the week of Monday, May 3, through Sunday, May 9, so please have your scarecrow out just before May 3. It should be visible from the road. If you do not have a front yard, you may take your scarecrow to the Community Farm. This competition is only open to Jamestown.

Entry forms should be mailed to Sally Scarecrow, c/o 155 Conanicus Ave., Jamestown, RI 02835 with a check or money order made out to Jamestown Community Farm Inc. Please do not send cash, as I want to be able to pass on the money directly, without passing it through any private bank account.

As a reminder, this contest was designed to be an enjoyable way to raise money for Rhode Islanders who have been having a tough time lately. I was initially thinking of the Food Bank, but then I realized that if we gave the money to the Community Farm, it would be able to multiply the donation several times over – and it already serves many local groups.

The contest was inspired by one held in my sister’s village in Devon, England. She told me stories of how each year, the villagers would try to outdo each other. They very sensibly chose a judge who was pretty famous, but not from the village and therefore didn’t have to deal with any annoyed competitors. Likewise, we will choose a judge from outside Jamestown.

In autumn, we will hold another scarecrow competition with an emphasis on creativity. I think the Chamber of Commerce is thinking about joining in then, too, and that would be wonderful.

I do hope you think this is a nice idea and that lots of you take part. However, if this is not for you, don’t worry – there are no guilt trips involved. The aim is to have fun and enjoy an unusual challenge.
Judy Knight

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