2010-04-22 / Editorial

Clean up the island in honor of Earth Day


Forty years ago, we celebrated the first Earth Day in the United States. On that day, 20 million Americans took to the streets to rally for the health of our environment.

Earth Day was established because people had been fighting for years against air pollution, oil spills, toxic waste dumps, pesticides, herbicides, paving and over-building, and the loss of wilderness and the extinction of wildlife.

Today, we are still fighting those same battles but we are making some headway. More of us now realize that the earth is a finite resource, one that must be protected. We now know that clean energy is important to our future. We also know there are actions that we can take as individuals to help save the earth.

The message made its mark and Earth Day has gone global. Today around the world, folks are taking time to participate in Earth Day activities.

Here in Jamestown, we have our own annual Earth Day event – the annual Island Shoreline Clean-up sponsored by the Jamestown Conservation Commission and the Conanicut Island Land Trust. Postponed from last weekend due to weather, the clean-up will be held this Saturday, April 24, from 8:30 a.m. til noon.

This is your chance to give back to Mother Nature – your chance to do something for the island and for the earth.

Our beaches and island shoreline are littered with all sorts of refuse, trash, flotsam and jetsam. It has been a long and messy winter, and the garbage on the island beaches seems worse than usual.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the island clean-up. Bring the kids and the grandparents. Be sure to wear old clothes, boots and work gloves. Meet at the recreation center.

Folks with pick-up trucks are also needed to haul the trash to the roll-off dumpster at East Ferry.

Volunteer an hour or two or three of your time to help the earth this Saturday. The weather should be fine so there will be no excuses.

See you there!

— Jeff McDonough

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