2010-04-28 / Letters to the Editor

Why do so many think they’re above the law?

I want to commend Mr. William Tuthill on his recent letter, “Idling gets you nowhere.” He mentioned many good things in his editorial.

Idling wastes fuel, pollutes the air and does little for the vehicle’s performance.

I also want to point out that an idling vehicle left unattended is against the law. That’s right!

There are also many other laws regarding vehicles that are being broken in this town, such as running stop signs, passing on the double yellow line, tailgating, texting while driving and having only one license plate on a R.I. registered vehicle. I ask – why do so many think that they are above the law?

I also wonder why many walkers and bike riders refuse to move to the side of the road when approaching vehicles are passing by?

Impeding traffic is also a violation.

I continue to contact the police about the above-mentioned prob- lems. They can do only so much. Even though I feel my efforts are fruitless at times, I will not stop my pursuit of driving safety. So, law-breakers beware!

As we say in the boating industry… not on my watch.
Thomas Stolarz

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