2010-05-06 / Letters to the Editor

A lesson about ‘island life’

I want to publicly thank Tim Hull and the Jamestown Fire Dept. for teaching me about “island life.”

During the recent unprecedented rain event, Tim had the courtesy to call to inform this part-time islander that many houses in my Shores area were besieged with water. He took it upon himself to do a drive-by and discovered about two feet of water in my base level.

He jumped into action, putting my home on the fire dept.’s list of bail-outs, assisted in the pumping process and worked with a helper I sent from Massachusetts to set up a sump to finish the job.

That was certainly way above the call of duty in my book!

When I commended Tim for his efforts, he shrugged and said, “That’s what islanders do!”

Thanks to Tim and the Jamestown Fire Dept. for saving my home and for the invaluable lesson in “island living.”
Darcy S. Lauzier

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