2010-05-06 / Letters to the Editor

Thank you to all for spring chorus concert

The Jamestown Community Chorus wishes to thank everyone who made our spring concert, “For the Birds,” such a success.

Our deepest thanks and appreciation go out to all who bought tickets and attended our performances, and to our many generous donors and supporters.

We would like to thank the Central Baptist Church for our rehearsal space; Baker’s Pharmacy, Jamestown Hardware and the Secret Garden for offering advance tickets; and special thanks to the Secret Garden for their help with the bird centerpiece created by Prim Bullock.

We would also like to thank all the individuals and businesses, both on and off the island, and the R.I. Foundation, who make the Chorus’ Annual Music Award possible. We offer congratulations to Sam Hollister, this year’s winner, and we thank all the musicians who applied.

We also thank our Director Emerita, Ginny Eastman, and our guest musician, Cheryl Rebecchi, for performing with us, as well as Agnes Filkins and Tim Yentsch for selling tickets; Jim Perry for help with the banner and sign; and Stacie Pepperd for help with corsages.

We thank Sav Rebecchi for videotaping the concert for jamestownrecord. com, and the Jamestown Press and the Walrus for their partnership in helping us publicize our events.

We look forward now to our talent show on Aug. 19, and to the start of rehearsals on Sept. 13 for our next concert season. Many thanks again to all who help us keep on singing!
Jessica Wilson
Jamestown Community

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