2010-05-13 / Editorial

Become a Friend to our island library


Those who receive their Jamestown Press via the U.S. Postal Service this week should find inside the newspaper a bright yellow insert asking local folks to become a member of the Friends of the Jamestown Library.

This annual fund-raising appeal deserves your prompt attention. Regular patrons of the Jamestown Philomenian Library may recognize that it is the Friends who are responsible for most of the varied programs we enjoy at the library.

What is your favorite? A holiday workshop on making a Christmas decoration? Maybe it’s the annual winter foreign film series, where some reel classics have been screened in past years. How about the travel series? Perhaps you have enjoyed an interesting talk or lecture recently.

You might have attended one of the many live music concerts that the Friends sponsor throughout the year. Don’t forget that the Friends hosted a flu clinic at the library so everyone would have a better shot at a healthy winter.

The Friends also sponsor the museum pass program. These passes offer free or reduced price admission to many area museums, including a couple of institutions in Boston. Friends members get to attend for free the annual library book sale preview event.

As you can see from the Friends brochure in this newspaper, the list of programs is expansive. It is the Friends who provide the zest at the library!

You might say that the library Friends are much like our favorite public television and public radio stations. Without their vital programming, we would certainly lose some of the more compelling entertainment available to all at no charge on this island.

These Friends-supported programs are not funded by the library (or your property tax dollars). It is the membership fees and the occasional gala benefit that secure the money necessary to keep these outstanding programs on the library calendar.

While you are writing out a check (which is a tax deduction) to join the Friends of the Jamestown Library, be sure to mark your calendar for the Friends’ annual meeting on June 10.

Of course, it will be at the library!

— Jeff McDonough

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