2010-05-13 / Letters to the Editor

ACO on call for California

I have a Cooper Hawk problem. This pair of hawks has decided that the front yard and the sidewalk are their property and are very aggressively protecting it. The authorities were called. The media was called.

It was on the news and the front page of the paper. The people from WildRescue of Moss Landing came out to lend a hand. We were told to carry umbrellas to ward off any further attacks. After a two-week period, the attacks have only become more frequent and aggressive, sometimes drawing blood. There is a toddler in the house, along with a baby expected May 14. So what was I to do?

I contacted the best ACO in the world, and my dearest friend, Cathy Gregory. She was able provide me with more solutions to the problem than any of my local agencies, or the Internet for that matter. You see, to disturb a raptor family is a federal offense so we are stuck trying to deal with being attacked on a daily basis. Because of Cathy’s innate ability to understand creatures, whether they walk, slither or fly, I was able to apply some strategies to detour the attacks.

She took the time to explain to me what the hawk’s frame of mind is and how to use decoys of its natural enemies to limit their aggression. And if all else failed, make friends, she said! Feed the hawks when their babies hatch and they will appreciate the food. The people in the neighborhood actually got together and want Cathy to manage the problem personally. But you see, that would require a trip to California. All expenses paid, and her expertise with the animal kingdom would be demonstrated on a much larger scale than Jamestown.

I know that her job may be cut from the budget and I have read all the articles and commentaries. I just have one question: How much did each police department call average out to be last year?

Just saying.
Donna Sylvia
San Jose, Calif.

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