2010-05-13 / Letters to the Editor

Rally against LNG, or suffer the consequences

As we observe the unfolding catastrophe that is the oil spill off Louisiana, let us remember that we experience mini-events in Potters Cove many times a week. I write this in support of Shawn D. Ouellette’s letter in the April 22 edition of the Jamestown Press.

I fish Potters Cove for small stripers in the evening and night, and am accompanied by the sound of deep-water coal freighters unloading to lighters. The smaller ships transport that cargo to the Somerset electrical plant.

Sometimes, my nocturnal fishing is witnessed by the Harbor Cleanup truck because of a stop over by a small oil tanker on its way up the bay. I would say that most Jamestowners don’t see this. Many of them are, in the old computer term, “newbies.” Others are transfixed by a mushroom cloud that only children born in the1940s can imagine and experience though their training. If you didn’t hide under a desk, you don’t have an idea what I am writing about.

Yes, I support Shawn Ouellette as a merchant marine officer and a supporter of a port in Quonset. Lest we forget, it was a port and is a port. NOAA recognized the same by choosing it as its home port for its research vessel. Funny how that name “port” keeps on coming up, isn’t it?

We depart with the LNG proposal. I cannot support it.

Shawn is not old enough to remember the delays on the Jamestown Bridge when the new one was being constructed. I do, as many others do. Temporary is defined as anything that isn’t permanent. A temporary closing of the Newport Bridge could lead to tie-ups that might endanger our emergency runs to Newport Hospital.

There are so many reasons to oppose this LNG project without refuting Shawn’s well-reasoned letter. We as a town must rally against it if it is to be defeated or suffer the consequences.
Kevin Carty

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