2010-05-13 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for ‘passion and compassion’

We are writing to thank everyone who came and/or contributed to the MASH fundraiser last week in support of one of Jamestown’s own, Laura Smith. The party certainly was a success, and it demonstrated, once again, our island’s passion and compassion for those in need.

Laura’s accident briefly stopped the world for her, and she still has a long road to recovery ahead, but our dear friend, Laura, has a combination of determination and good old-fashioned moxie. So, with respect and awe for her resilience and her continued persistence to be the best person she can be, we know she certainly will come out a winner.

We thank our neighbors and friends for their support of Laura, so she can keep up with medical bills and begin prescribed physical therapy. However, we also want to express our gratitude to the cheerleaders who have been and still are on Laura’s team as she heals.

Thank you!
Phyllis Bedard
Cathryn Jamieson
Michael Larkin
Mary Wright

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