2010-05-13 / Letters to the Editor

Why not volunteer?

As I usually do, I read the Press last week and one item in particular intrigued me: The letter from the animal control officer, in which she stated that she did not get a personal invitation from the police chief to as- sist with animal control during a disaster.

I didn’t get a personal invitation either from Chief Tighe; however, I volunteered anyway, along with a substantial number of other concerned citizens of Jamestown.

What experience did I bring to the program? Forty-six years as an R.N. and a hospital administrator responsible for the health needs of 2,500 employees in three different hospitals. As such, I felt I could be of some help in case of an emergency. If the ACO was that concerned about animals, why not volunteer like so many others that did?

I was very impressed with the members of the community that volunteered their time and made a significant commitment to the needs of the Jamestown community should a disaster occur. These efforts were coordinated statewide by the Red Cross. There were ads in the paper asking for volunteers, and many people responded with a variety of skills, from nurses to radio operators to kitchen help. These volunteers attended classes and participated in two separate mock drills – the key word being volunteers.
Mary Kelly, R.N.

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