2010-05-20 / Letters to the Editor

Hess should be ashamed

Can a large LNG tanker travel at 15 knots up the Bay? This seems an extraordinarily high rate of speed for such a huge vessel, considering the tight quarters it will encounter under the bridges and in the East Passage.

As I see it, a more feasible rate of speed would be one-quarter this factor that Mr. Ouellette has plugged into his formula to come up with the 12-minute shutdown time of the bridges. Multiply this time by four and you have 48 minutes. Land traffic gridlock lag time would increase this shutdown time easily to one hour plus (conservatively).

The fact that the bridges will have to be closed at all is enough alone to put the kibosh on this atrocity proposed by Hess.

First, they tried to shoehorn these ugly and toxic behemoths (LNG tankers) into the small area north of the Brightman Street bridge (Fall River to Somerset) and when they couldn’t do that, now plan to destroy Mt. Hope Bay’s tranquil physical ambience with an unattractive and dangerous factory utilizing an untested underwater pipeline delivery system (smacking of BP’s Gulf of Mexico fiasco).

Is this just the beginning of turning Narragansett Bay into another New Jersey – or worse?

The people in Washington, D.C. have no idea what the bay means to the area.

We’ve all seen what greedy, shoddy and unsafe ulterior motives and practices have done to our country. I’m talking about Bernie Madoff, Wall Street and the Gulf of Mexico disaster, among other recent happenings.

The image of a LNG tanker bearing down on an Optimist dinghy with two terrified 11-year-olds trying to get out of the way is not a comfortable one to me.

I’m tired of hearing Hess’ pooh-poohing of all (myriad) negatives involved with this proposal and make myself available to oppose it any way I can.

Hess should be ashamed of themselves for even suggesting this horrible scenario.
Thomas DeMello

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