2010-05-20 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro
This Saturday, islanders will have a rare opportunity to attend a cocktail party fundraiser at one of the island’s most unusual and fantastic properties, located on the highest peak on Conanicut Island and overlooking the entrance to Narragansett Bay.

Lisa Kerr says Duncan and Kim Laurie are opening their studio, Dragonline, to host the event for KidsROCK, the first phase of acquiring the FitZONE outdoor fitness equipment for Lawn Avenue School. FitZONE consists of handcarved pre-fabricated boulders, and Lisa explains that the boulders will create a beautiful natural element while offering unique climbing and play structures.

She goes on to say, “Dragonline studio was constructed on the site of the old Clothier family mansion and was once the favored location for many artists and artworks. Today, it is used as a studio by Duncan Laurie to design and manufacture architectural glass and for selective projects in sonic art.

“The studio building itself was created using many salvaged and recycled materials, including glass block floors, and an outside staircase removed in a remodel of a R.I. hospital.

“The design of this spectacular space was based upon sacred ratios, with emphasis on phi, otherwise known as the Golden Mean. Sacred ratios appear in many ancient churches and other sacred structures. They are universally considered not only aesthetically pleasing, but the proportional constant defining the place where heaven meets earth.”

The party for KidsROCK will be held at Dragonline Studio this Saturday, May 22, from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Tickets are $50 per person and the evening will include hors d’oeuvres, beverages, including complimentary wine and beer, music, dancing and live and silent auctions. Tickets can be purchased at the Secret Garden, Grapes and Gourmet and Baker’s Pharmacy.


The Rocket ‘hogs report that this year’s Independence Day fireworks extravaganza will be held on July 3 at sundown at Mackerel Cove beach. Head ‘hog Gregg Charest urges islanders to send money so the ‘hogs can blow it up. Mail your contributions to Rocket ‘hogs, P.O. Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835.

The ‘hogs will be in front of the fire station during the Memorial Day parade on May 31 selling T-shirts and hats and accepting donations. Current information on activities can be obtained at www. rockethogs.com.

*** We found a book that we forgot we had buried on a bookshelf. It’s titled, “The Superior Person’s Second Book of Weird & Wondrous Words” by Peter Bowler. Here’s a wondrous one: Define BOMBILATE. Answer at the bottom of the column.


Welcome Jasper to the island. He is a year-old buff tiger cat, adopted from the Potter League for Animals by Robyn Borges and her family. Robyn said, “He’s a dream come true as far as cats go, very calm and very tolerant, with a great personality. Potter matched us up wonderfully.” She said her children, Max, 4, and Kathryn, 2, “love him to death.”


Incidentally, the Potter League for Animals has been chosen for the ninth time in 12 years as Newport Life Magazine’s Best Charitable Organization of Newport County.



At Saturday night’s Troop 1 Boy Scouts pasta supper, 92 pounds of the stuff were served to islanders. Now, that’s a lot of pasta. To get some reaction to the meal, I went directly to gourmet foods’ harshest critics – the young set.

Ana Tamboe, 6, said everything “was good” and that she liked the pasta best. Gregory Ball, 10, indicated that all was well. Our toughest interview was with Ethan Ringler, 4, who when we asked him how dinner was, responded, “I didn’t have dinner.” It seems he had his birthday party that afternoon and was full of other good stuff. He didn’t, however, rule out a stop at the dessert table on the way out. While Ethan and I were talking, Natalie Ringler, 1, at the other end of the table, was working her way to becoming a clean plate club member by emptying out a bowl of pasta and a meatball. No complaints there, either.

Outside, there was a lot of activity in front of the spectacular dessert table. The delicacies were to die for. One of the most creative offerings was spaghetti-and-meatball cupcakes made by 9-year-old Gaelyn Dwyer.

As I was sitting and enjoying a slice of carrot cake, first-year scout Jackson Hawkins sat next to me and, with fingers and a fork, dug into a plate of five different desserts. I evidently wasn’t doing it right.

Finally, my thanks to scout Henry Pratt, who is a superb waiter.

Kudos to all the scouts and leaders of Troop 1. It was a bangup job.


Elizabeth Mancini correctly says that last week’s poser from B.J. is from “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” written and sung by Loretta Lynn.


With Father’s Day on the horizon, B.J. offers this poser:

“When you coming home dad? I don’t know when,

But we’ll get together then.”


Capt. Robb Roach of the island’s Kettlebottom Outfitters reports that its new 32-foot Aerocat should be in the water any day now and ready for inshore and offshore fishing. He says the fishing season is officially here, with the striped bass bite really heating up all over the bay and squid just starting to make their appearance in numbers that make jigging worthwhile.

The Kettlebottom cameras have been busy. They captured John Longo dropping a big 20-pound, 10-inch bearded Tom in the first half-hour of light on the opening day of turkey-hunting season.


Can someone tell me why, if we have money to re-build entire nations, we can’t repair our own roads?


“Clelia II” of the Great Lakes line will be in the East Passage Sunday.


BOMBILATE: v. To make a humming, buzzing or droning sound. BOMBILATION: The sound made by a well-meaning father trying to show he is “with it” by singing along with your Led Zeppelin CDs in the car.

*** Be true!


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