2010-05-27 / Letters to the Editor

Community members are an ‘Island Treasure’

Last Thursday, the Lawn School Improvement Team and the Jamestown School Dept. held its fourth annual Island Treasures Day.

Students in grades 5-8, along with the faculty and staff of the Lawn School, participated in two of 22 different workshops graciously planned and conducted by generous members of the Jamestown community. Workshops covered topics of varied interests, such as writing a radio commercial, trawling for fish, guitars and worm composting. Heartfelt thanks go out to all of our Island Treasures workshop presenters: Anne Beneville; Tom Carney; Elizabeth Congdon; Chief James Bryer, Deputy Chief Howie Tighe, Capt. Pete Roderick, Capt. Brian Bryer and members of the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department; Officer Scott Sullivan, Officer Jason Hopkins and the Jamestown Police Department; Prim Bullock; Dan Reilly; Kat O’Neill and Jamestown EMS; Robb Roach and Kettlebottom Outfitters; Samira Hakki from Rolling Agenda, in conjunction with NBX; William Tuttle; Mary S. Wright and Mary Haite; Dr. Suzy Ayvazian, Dr. Boze Hancock and the R.I. Dept. of Environmental Management, Aquatic Education Program; Jim Archibald and Jamestown Boatyard; Gale and Gerry Bay; Jack Hubbard and Jim Turenne; Julie Kallfelz; Chris Powell; Fred Bingell and House of Pizza; Nancy Escher and members of the Quononoquott Garden Club; Robin Monihan Interior Design; Representative Deborah Ruggiero and Commander Rich “Snap” Brophy.

We would also like to thank Principal Kathy Almanzor for her continued support of this amazing day. In addition, we would like to thank teachers Jenn Clark and Nick Alfred for their help with the school coordination and Isabel Jepson, without whom this day could not have been a success.

Students and faculty are honored that so many talented members of the Jamestown community were so willing to donate their time and talents to what has become a grand tradition at the Lawn School. It is days like this that remind us how lucky we are to live in such a special place!

Lisa Carlisle and

Janet LaMantia

Coordinators Island Treasures


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