2010-05-27 / Sam Bari

You can’t beat a system you can’t understand

Where have all the space guys gone?
By Sam Bari

Occasionally, I like to write about space guys. You know – the extraterrestrial visitors that fly around and hover over our little planet now and again. Some call them UFOs because they have unlicensed spacecraft and they don’t register flight plans.

Most of us assume that they come from advanced civilizations, which is probably true. Nonetheless, many wonder why they don’t land and introduce themselves. Some suspect that they might have ill intent.

I have a tendency to be more optimistic. Not that I’m an authority on the subject, but logic tells me that space guys are hesitant to establish relations with earthlings because they find life on Earth a bit daunting.

As civilizations go, we aren’t very civilized.

History tells us that we’ve always been at war, killing each other because our ideologies differ. We’ve polluted, plundered and ruined our planet, and now we’re making efforts to expand our horizons and take our bad habits to destinations in other parts of the galaxy.

If I were a space guy, that would bother me a lot.

Many suspect that the space guys have been watching us for centuries. If that is the case, they haven’t exactly seen much improvement. We’ve advanced technologically, but as a global society, we’re still rather primitive.

The space guys more than likely think that even our technology is questionable.

I can hear them now: “Look at the earthlings. They’re sucking all the oil and gas out of their planet’s core, and they’re burning all the coal. It won’t be long before they have no energy.

“First, they’ll freeze to death, but that’s a good thing. Then, they won’t be around to see the world economy collapse because without energy, everything stops, including electricity.

“After they burn the last ounce of fossil fuel, they can expect an implosion as the planet collapses because nothing is in its core. How could they be so stupid? Mark the place as condemned before anybody decides to settle there.”

Who knows, maybe the crop circles allegedly cut by UFOs are an interstellar symbol marking Earth as condemned, in case some unsuspecting intergalactic visitor might consider settling here.

Anyway, according to the UFO websites, activity has been minimal for the last few months. It seems that the space guys haven’t been watching us as closely as they have in the past. Sightings from the heavens have allegedly all but stopped.

Maybe the space guys heard about the errant rumor concerning the Mayan calendar, and they think Planet Earth won’t be around in a couple of years.

That might be true, but it won’t be because of the Mayan calendar.

Nonetheless, the UFO fanatics have taken a new path to explain why the unidentified flying objects have not been frequenting our skies.

Now they say that the space guys are already among us. New discoveries have led them to believe that space aliens have been residing on earth for thousands of years, maybe more.

Cave drawings and writing on Mayan tombs have led their “scientists” to think that the space guys are down under, and we don’t mean Australia. They are now called USOs because they are “unidentified submerged objects” that live beneath the sea.

Hmmm...I suppose it’s food for thought.

Apparently, in unrelated incidents at different locations, authorities report that glowing lights have been seen moving just beneath the ocean surface. Recent sightings changed opinions about a notable event that was attributed to UFOs. Current belief is that “USOs” were responsible for the sighted activity.

In 1967, a UFO was reported crashing into Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. The craft was about 60 feet long. Various Canadian government agencies investigated, and at least one underwater search resulted in finding nothing but a trail of yellow foam where the craft entered the sea. The Canadian government declared that no known aircraft was involved and the source of the impact was unknown.

More recently, USOs are reputed to have flown into and out of bodies of water choked with heavy ice, as if the ice was not an obstacle. After these reports, large holes have been found that do not appear marked by catastrophic impact. Incidents have allegedly occurred in Norway, Sweden, and Russia.

Either this is a Hollywood stunt to prepare us for a remake of the 1954 movie, “20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” or it is just another part of living in a system we can’t understand.

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