2010-06-03 / Letters to the Editor

ACO is a ‘valuable service’

The Animal Control Officer Cathy and an officer responded promptly to a call for help when we had a raccoon on our deck Sunday, May 30, in the afternoon.

When we reported that the raccoon ran under our deck, Cathy laid down and crawled under the deck, observed that a window into our basement crawl space under the deck had been pried open and believed the raccoon was in our crawl space. She then went into our crawl space searching for the raccoon and its family.

While not observing the animals, Cathy did note they had been there, as the insulation had been disturbed. She gave us a number of solutions, which we implemented that evening, after which we heard a number of raccoons running in the crawl space and vacating.

Thanks to Cathy’s efficient and effective recommendations, we believe we are now raccoon free. Having an animal control officer is Jamestown is a very valuable service.
Marcia Greenberg

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