2010-06-03 / News

Pemberton Place tenants form organization

Tenants of Pemberton Place Apartments in Jamestown have

established a HUD-recognized and endorsed tenants’ organization, Tenants of Pemberton Place in Solidarity.

Additionally, the group has met all qualifications and requirements for attaining voting membership status in the National Alliance of HUD Tenants, considered the premier HUD-partnered tenants’ advocacy group in the country.

TOPPS’ spokesperson Cindy Peloquin has been invited to represent the group and participate in the upcoming NAHT national convention in Washington, D.C. in June.

The decision for tenants to organize was encouraged by the Jamestown Housing Authority’s Ron DuPonte, managing agent for Pemberton Place Housing Corp., as well as PPHC’s Ernest Anthony and the secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Membership in TOPPS is open to both residents of Pemberton Place Apartments and community members who demonstrate a commitment to affordable housing and function independently of non-resident owners and management, as stipulated in HUD guidelines.

Contact TOPPS.02835@gmail.com or Cindy Peloquin at Pemberton Place Apartments in Jamestown.

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