2010-06-10 / Letters to the Editor

Board didn’t stand up for the Shack

I was drawn to the zoning hearing for the Shack at West Ferry on May 25 because I couldn’t understand why it was needed, or why it was getting so much attention.

The testimony confirmed that the Shack is a small, home-grown business providing an essential service at Dutch Harbor Marina in a manner that has not offended anyone. Throughout the evening, their sandwiches were complimented and there was no testimony to the effect that the Shack did anything to be a bad neighbor. Even the neighbors agreed that the fine sandwiches have not contributed to loud noises, alcohol abuses or objectionable behaviors.

The Zoning Board is to be commended for its patience in listening to comments, no matter how far afield they were. We heard about the little-known fact that the sun sets in the west and that the Shack might let that secret out. We heard about the noise at Ft. Getty and that the Shack should be held accountable for that. We heard about how alcohol is contributing to loud and lascivious behavior, and the Shack should be taken to task for that, too.

Naturally, I looked forward to the Zoning Board being the voice of reason and standing up to those rants about precedent, fear and smear. I was very disappointed by the Zoning Board’s decision to deny the Shack’s request to serve sandwiches between 6 and 8, based on such baseless fears.
Andrew Yates

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