2010-06-10 / Letters to the Editor

More than $10,000 raised for kidsROCK

On behalf of the kidsROCK Fundraising Committee, I would like to express many thanks to all who contributed to our fundraiser at Dragonline at Bull Point on Saturday, May 22. Through your support, you helped raise in excess of $10,000 for this project.

KidsROCK is an integral component of the “Safe Routes To School Initiative” and a part of the new “Fitzone” to be developed at the Lawn Avenue School. The overall goal of this project is to promote fitness and healthy activities for our school-age children in Jamestown.

Extra special thanks goes to our hosts, Duncan and Kim Laurie, and their family for allowing us to use their magnificent glass sculpting studio for the event. Extraordinary views of Narragansett Bay, Newport and the Atlantic Ocean will serve as lasting memories for the kidsROCK guests as we danced to the sounds of DJs “RiffRaff” and NJoy” atop the lit glass block floors in the main first floor area and socialized on the second-floor veranda amid the dozens of silent auction items donated by a host of talented artists, generous friends and business owners throughout the area. A sincere thank you to all who contributed to our highly successful auction.

We would also like to thank Frank LaPere, our supporter at Grapes and Gourmet, who provided all of the wine for the event and Samira Hakki, Thomas Harris and Chris Brown, who brewed the finest beer ever concocted on the island. Jane Lee Designs and Eric Cote generously donated their talents by developing the kidsROCK brochure.

This type of event doesn’t happen without a superb effort from many and we appreciate all the community has done to assist us. Thank you all for your support of our efforts and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.
Jay Primiano
kidsROCK Fundraising

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