2010-06-10 / Letters to the Editor

Preserve the neighborhood

For at least 33 years, I have been a resident of this neighborhood. I have lived those years in peace, even though on my block there have been numerous changes – as there are in most neighborhoods. Sometimes the changes have not been for the better. The following cumulative list of such changes is of utmost concern with regard to health, safety and zoning ordinances:

• As one enters Arnold Avenue from North Main Road, a lot to the right is a dumping ground for abandoned rusty wrecks and assorted junk.

• As one enters from North Main Road onto Arnold Avenue, there is another lot on the left that is a problematic storage area for rocks, sand, dirt, trucks and equipment that vary in size.

• There is new fire hydrant land erosion out to the left of my property on Pemberton Avenue, which is quite ugly.

• Where Arnold Avenue meets Pemberton Avenue, there are a series of potholes that have caused repair bills for struts on our car.

• On Watson Avenue, there are still other problems like the dirty dump trucks crowded together in an inadequate-sized parking lot. Loads of trash on the sides of the building, which nearly abut a bakery and eating establishment, make for an in-town dump! Old mattresses, refrigerators, boats, etc. are frequently on display.

• At the corner of Pemberton Avenue and Narragansett Avenue, there is a junk pile of old fence near the bench.

• There is a new loud razzle-dazzle sign that has recently appeared in front of the Pemberton Apartments. It is out of character with the previous sign, which tastefully announced the Pemberton Apartments. The new sign intimidates with its Housing Authority in huge letters, which speaks volumes about its current administration. I feel sorry for the people who go home to that sign. How demeaning to those who live there!

If the town has any authority over these matters, action must be taken to preserve the neighborhood.
Joyce Cartier

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