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Breaking bad habits on the road to fitness

By Julie Beth Andrews

Getting in shape is a goal for many people, and I’m no exception.

That’s how I recently found myself among 15 strangers as part of a group program called “Physique Enhancement,” led by trainer and life coach, Brian Lee, at Jamestown Fitness.

He asked us to identify what we hoped to achieve during this 12-week program.

Easy – I want to lose a few pounds.

Then, I began the process of uncovering the habits that had made me one size larger. A quick look at my workout routine offered some answers.

Typically, I zone out with a magazine on the elliptical machine and mentally count backward until 30 minutes expires. Then, I wander among the machines, eking out 20 reps here and there without considering the possibility of ramping up the resistance or going for another round.

Hey…I got to the gym. To me, that’s enough to silence my inner critic and eat another cookie.

But Brian helped me see the disconnect. As I filled in the workout sheets, I realized that I liked doing certain exercises and did them regularly.

But the ones I disliked – such as those that focused on the abdominal muscles?

Not so much.

In addition to paying more attention to core strength, Brian also emphasized the nutrition information that forms the basis for most successful weight-loss plans: Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, stay hydrated and select lean protein options like chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products and eggs.

He also asked us to consider including some nutritional supplements in our diets: Greens, trace minerals and balanced omega oils.

I won’t lie – I purchased the supplements, even though I was silently skeptical that they would make a difference in the outcome. Into a glass of water, I measured 20 drops of colloidal minerals and one scoop of greens. I stirred the concoction and sent the green slime – with tiny pieces of rock – down my unsuspecting throat.

A shiver of shock went down my spine.

Two hours later, though, I felt oddly satiated and full of energy. Later that day, I managed to get another shot down and successfully avoided my 4 p.m. energy dip. My twice-daily cocktail tastes – almost – delicious to me now, probably because I know that in a few minutes, I’ll get a fresh dose of vitality.

That discovery alone was worth the price of admission. But add to that the group support and our collective enthusiasm for the process, and I’m motivated to move forward.

Maybe this will finally be the summer that someone suggests a day at the beach and I don’t mention that movie I’ve been dying to see as an alternative.

Julie Beth Andrews lives in Jamestown. She will occasionally write about her progress in this 12-week program.

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