2010-06-17 / Letters to the Editor

Abuses continue on North Main Road lots

I read the letter regarding “Preserve the Neighborhood” in the June 10 issue of the Jamestown Press, and I understand just how the letter writer feels about certain properties and how they impact the quality of life, health and property values of home owners in the neighborhood.

I would like to address two additional properties, in the same general neighborhood, that also need to be reviewed by the town zoning board.

The first property is located at 65 North Rd. This property is currently comprised of a two-unit apartment building, auto repair garage, Land Rover car dealership and a landscaping business. This property also has four large storage containers that were trucked in, dropped off and are now being used as “buildings” that are in turn being rented out to even more businesses.

I know that from a prior zoning ruling on this lot it is zoned CL – commercial limited – and per zoning regulations, is to contain the apartment building and one business. This property has been before the zoning board many times and has a long history of zoning abuses and being a non-conforming lot.

The second property is located at 79 North Rd., which as advertised in the same June 10 Jamestown Press, is the new location for Island Energy. Island Energy was yet another business, besides the ones listed above, that had been operating out of the 65 North Rd. property. This business has already moved into the building, rented out the attached apartment, moved an oil storage tank, along with various vehicles/equipment to the property, and are storing and operating four oil delivery trucks, all done before a planned meeting (no date set) with the town zoning board to apply for a specialuse permit to change the existing lot usage designation.

Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I are greatly relieved this business has moved a few lots to the north and that we now have one less business operating across from our driveway. However, our concern – along with many in the neighborhood – is that these properties abide by what the zoning regulations stipulate, that these regulations are strictly enforced and that the owners of these properties are held accountable for any illegal expansion from what they are zoned for and are expeditiously fined for any violations.

I urge all homeowners and taxpayers in the surrounding neighborhood, if you feel the same way about these two properties and the properties mentioned in the letter from last week’s Jamestown Press that you contact the Jamestown building inspector or the zoning board and make your feelings known.
Steve Furtado

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