2010-06-17 / Letters to the Editor

Quick Q&A on the windmill project

Q. Why did Jamestown government stray from their mission of providing basic services to consider the windmill project?

A. Good question.

Q. Isn’t the $2 million return over 20 years a good deal?

A. Many secure stock dividends would earn triple that and you’d still have the principal.

Q. What about helping climate change?

A. The windmill won’t have any more effect on sea levels than King Canute’s command to have the ocean recede. Human activity has caused less than one percent of greenhouse gasses (see geocraft. com)...Mother Nature is in control.

Q. But those green jobs?

A. Those green jobs (subsidized with our tax dollars) are “instead of” jobs intended to replace existing jobs in conventional energy – no help for unemployment here.

Q. Anything else? A. Yes, your baby is ugly.
Ed Schott

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