2010-06-17 / Letters to the Editor

Shabby deal for ACO

I’m writing to commend the Town Council on their brilliant squeeze play last night.

Of the 604 remaining people, how many were aware of the new figure offered to the ACO of $26,981.00?

At all the previous meetings (I did not miss one), the figure we heard was approximately $75,000 – and the offer was half of that, which may have been acceptable to our beleaguered ACO.

We, to this minute, don’t know the “nominal fee” – and I quote Mr. Keiser – that the town is prepared to pay the North Kingstown dog officer. Deduct that amount from the $71,981 (which is all the naysayers heard) and we are not saving $45,000, not to mention the headaches and heartaches that go with this shabby deal.

Well, pick up the marbles guys, and the dead, injured and stray animals.

Last night this town got the government they deserve.
Arlene Seraichyk

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