2010-06-17 / Letters to the Editor

Time to act on LNG is now

On behalf of the Jamestown LNG Working Group, I am writing to publicly thank the Town Council for giving us the valuable time during its May 17 meeting to present our findings and research with regard to the Hess Weaver’s Cove Energy LNG project in Narragansett and Mt. Hope Bays.

During this briefing, we presented a series of bullet points that we recommend be included in a council resolution calling for FERC to deny Hess’s application to build its LNG terminal. Each of these bullet points was grounded in references and citations; the facts should no longer be in doubt.

At the end of this presentation, we called on the Town Council to take three steps as a starting point in its actions to prevent the Hess project from becoming a reality: Sign the resolution presented by the LNG Working Group to clearly declare the will of Jamestown; join Portsmouth, Warren and Fall River, Mass. (who have signed at the time of this writing; more are expected soon) in signing a collective resolution that clearly declares the will of the communities in the Narragansett and Mt. Hope Bay regions; and initiate action to register as a FERC intervener, which will allow Jamestown’s voice to be heard in the final phases of FERC’s decision-making. All of these actions are virtually free of risk and cost.

We acknowledge the council’s discussions and actions to date, which include appointing the Jamestown LNG Threat Committee, which is just standing up. This should not preclude immediate action on the recommendations listed above; there will still be plenty of work to be done before Hess’ application is defeated. However, waiting to act until this new committee has a chance to get on its feet may create delays that we could regret, particularly with regard to registration as an intervener.

We would also like to acknowledge Dick Lynn’s article in the May 27 issue of the Jamestown Press. It was a pleasure to see essentially every fact outlined in the LNG Working Group presentation restated and independently confirmed. His article underscores that the facts are known and clearly point out that the time to act on the LNG Working Group recommendations is now.

We call on the Jamestown Town Council to approve the resolutions against Hess Weaver’s Cove and to register as an intervener with FERC as soon as possible. With that out of the way, the real work can begin.
Chris Gray
Jamestown LNG Working

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