2010-06-24 / News of Record


Fire runs

11:19 a.m., June 17, Engines 3 and 1, Rescue 1, and Cars 3 and 4 went to the Jamestown Bridge for a motorcycle accident.

12:38 p.m., June 17, Car 3 and Rescue 1 were sent to Reservoir Circle, call cancelled en route.

7 p.m., June 17, all units went to Ft. Wetherill for a search and rescue drill.

2:52 p.m., June 20, Marine 1 was dispatched to between Goat Island and the Newport Bridge for a smoke call on a boat.

6:44 p.m., June 19, Ladder 1 was sent to Melrose Avenue for a lift assist.

8:35 p.m., June 19, Cars 1, 2 and 4, and Engine 1 went to Columbia Avenue for an auto alarm call.

EMS runs

12:36 a.m., June 14, EMS-2, West Reach Drive, refusal.

7:26 a.m., June 15, EMS-2, Columbia Lane, transported.

10:43 a.m., June 15, EMS-2, Beach Avenue, transported.

1 p.m., June 15, EMS-2, North Main Road, transported.

2:19 p.m., June 15, EMS-2, America Way, transported.

12:24 p.m., June 17, EMS-1, Reservoir Circle, transported.

4:35 a.m., June 18, EMS-2, Dewey Lane, transported.

3:02 p.m., June 18, EMS-2, Beavertail Road, transported.

5:16 a.m., June 19, EMS-2, Beavertail Road, transported.

10:43 a.m., June 19, EMS-2, Helm Street, transported.

6:24 p.m., June 19, EMS-2, Clarke Street, transported.

6:30 p.m., June 19, EMS-1, Melrose Avenue, transported.

7:11 p.m., June 19, EMS-2, East Shore Road, transported.

8:50 p.m., June 19, EMS-1, Clarke Street, transported.

6:39 a.m., June 20, EMS-2, Steamboat Street, transported.

10:55 a.m., June 20, EMS-2, Seaside Drive, transported.

This week, JEMS had 16 calls resulting in one refusal of transportation, two patients transported to South County Hospital and 13 patients transported to Newport Hospital.

Medical calls included shortness of breath, chest pain, fainting and possible stroke. Trauma calls were for hand lacerations and injuries from falls.

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