2010-07-01 / Editorial

Share your opinion in the town survey

Jamestowners should receive a town survey this week inside the Jamestown Press issue mailed to every postal patron on the island.

The survey is important. All island residents should take the time to read and answer the questions.

According to Jamestown Town Planner Lisa Bryer, the “purpose of the survey is to gauge the public’s opinion on current goals, policies and issues facing Jamestowners.”

Bryer said the survey is simply a public opinion survey. “Because of the overwhelming response that we have received on the past two surveys, the Planning Commission feels that it is a terrific way to get public input for the Comprehensive Plan early in the process.

“All policy or regulation that may be discussed later as a result of the responses will be vetted at public meetings, hearings and workshops,” she said. “Many of the questions provide not only an indication of how people feel about a particular issue, but are also a litmus test for how strongly they feel about the issue.

“We are also confirming the existing Goals of the existing Comprehensive Community Plan to determine if public sentiment or support has changed in that regard; if it has, then we need to figure out why,” Bryer said.

Additional copies of the survey will also be available at Town Hall and at the Jamestown Press office.

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