2010-07-01 / Letters to the Editor

Be pleased with improvements

Two letters have recently appeared in the Press complaining about the decay of the neighborhood on North Main Road.

The first, published June 10, complained about Island Rubbish, potholes on Pemberton Avenue and an objectionable fire hydrant. These are too insignificant to even comment about.

The second letter, published the next week, does deserve some comment. First, I will confirm that I have a personal interest in the Island Energy Company. The owner is my son. I don’t know if Mr. Furtado is aware that some 30 years ago, the property at 65 North Main Rd. was the base for a fuel oil company and has been an auto repair business for the 34 years I have lived here.

Island Energy has never “operated” out of this address, but has only parked trucks there and would only enter or exit two or three times a day and virtually never on Saturday or Sunday, unless someone ran out of heating fuel in the middle of the winter.

The property, which was Ocean State Scuba, has been totally abandoned for at least four years and became an overgrown ugly site on one of our main roads. Ms. Cartier should be pleased that it is becoming a decent-looking operation and will continue to improve.

In the near future, the trucks will be resting in the area that is now the remnants of the swimming pool and will be completely out of sight.

The apartment has always been an apartment, so nothing has changed there. The retail space in the front of the building has always been a retail space. As for the 250- gallon storage tank, I would bet Mr. Furtado has one of those somewhere also.

That tank is on the furthest west portion of the property and not visible from the street so it looks like Mr. Furtado may have been doing a little trespassing late at night.
Bill Sprague

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