2010-07-01 / Letters to the Editor

Eighth grade a memorable year

I believe that I speak for the entire eighth grade when I express my deep gratitude for making our final year at Lawn Avenue School the best it could possibly be.

Walking down the aisle during graduation, a certain realization hit me – never have I had such a memorable year of school before the eighth grade.

From going to the creek, to the numerous school dances, to Washington, D.C, and finally, to our actual graduation, the hard work of the Lawn Avenue teachers, staff and parents made it a truly magical experience. Serving the pancake breakfast and taking us to the beach during our last week was fantastic fun as well.

I realized how hard our parents, teachers and staff worked to make it happen for us. Even the little touches, such as having fresh flowers during our graduation, made our class see how much effort was put into giving us the best last moments at Lawn Avenue.

Hopefully, future students will have as good an experience as we did.

Thank you.
Ellissa Barclay de Tolly

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