2010-07-01 / Letters to the Editor

What a difference a year makes!

Last June, Jim Pemantell and my sister, Barb, put their heads together and organized a trip to St. Louis for me to see the 2009 All Star Baseball game and home-run derby. They contacted family and friends, who joined together and funded the event. What a surprise it was when those friends gave me a party to present their gift.

Well, life happens when you make other plans.

Twenty-four hours after my party, I had a heart attack. Within four days, I had triple by-pass surgery and was unable to fly. Then, 368 days from my surgery – in June, 2010 – I was on a plane headed for St. Louis.

What a wonderful vacation it was.

My sister and Chris planned lots to see and do. Visits to City Park, the Art Museum, St. Louis Botanical Garden, Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo, two ferries across the Michigan and Illinois rivers, jazz in the park, a blues concert and much more. I even attended a Bocce match!

The highlight in St. Louis was attending two Cardinals ball games. Thanks to Terry Boothman’s friend, Mitch, who is a statistician for ESPN, we had a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Busch Stadium, which included a walk on the field and pictures in the Cardinals dugout.

For the final three days of my visit, we drove to Chicago, where we visited Millennium Park, the Navy pier, House of Blues, took a trip to the top of the Hancock Tower, Oz Park and capped it off with a tour of Wrigley Field and a Cubs game.

So to all my family and friends, it was worth the wait of a year to travel and enjoy the trip that you planned. I will hold dear the memories of my adventure.

You might see me around town wearing a Cardinals hat, but just to let you know – the Red Sox are still number one to me, as are all of you.

Thanks to everyone!
Kathy Brownell

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