2010-07-15 / Editorial

An island summer: Working in vacationland


We field quite a few questions at the Jamestown Press. A visitor to Conanicut Island recently stopped by the office for information about what there is to do here. It seems that people naturally go to the local weekly newspaper for answers about most anything.

I presented this individual with a copy of the Jamestown Press Summer Guide and the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce map. Then, I talked about the Mackerel Cove town beach, Beavertail State Park – the lighthouse and aquarium, Ft. Getty, Ft. Wetherill, the Windmill, the Jamestown Historical Museum, the Fire Museum, the library, Watson Farm and the Conanicut Sanctuary.

There is almost an exhausting list of places to go and things to do in the summer here on the island. It is a fun place to visit and a great get-away for many folks.

This person said that Jamestown seemed like a wonderful place to live and then commented, “I don’t know why anyone who lives here would ever go anyplace else to vacation.”

That got me thinking. Why indeed vacation elsewhere when one lives in a great location like Jamestown?

The answer is simple. A vacation serves as an escape from the daily rigors of life. Hopefully, we can decompress, leave work behind, forget about the household and yard duties, and take time to relax. A vacation is an opportunity to explore new places and see different cultures. It’s a change of pace and a chance to restore and refresh.

Jamestown is a wonderful place to live. We have a great sense of community. Narragansett Bay is a giant playground offering many recreational opportunities, such as sailing, boating and fishing.

But when you live in vacationland, you’re nevere truly on vacation. There is a difference.

Still, this tourist’s observation was a great reminder that we island residents should to stop and smell the roses. We can’t get so caught up in the daily stresses of life that we forget to enjoy where we live.

— Jeff McDonough

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