2010-07-15 / Letters to the Editor

‘Dazzled’ by other people’s money

The Jamestown Press was copied on this letter to Town Council vice president Robert Bowen.

Dear Councilman Bowen:

The Jamestown Press reporter was dazzled by your accomplishment of securing and netting $750,000 for the wind turbine project. Some may have interpreted this as the town being richer by $750,000.

The taxpayers should be pleased; President Obama should be pleased that his “stimulus” is working. When you hire more consultants and professionals to help you and the council understand what you are doing, Obama will certainly claim he is directly responsible for more jobs.

Please ask the new consultants to also help the taxpayers understand the complexities of the existing wind power report. Another subject they might address is why the two turbines in Portsmouth have been mostly still and motionless the last four weeks.

On a more serious vein, any power generation business is complex, wind power is more so. Some will question whether it is appropriate for a town to invest in and start any business; especially one which has high odds of failure.

I hope the council will not be dazzled by the cookie jars of “other people’s money” which are all prerequisites for a wind power project to have the slightest chance of success.
Nicholas Schaus

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