2010-07-22 / Editorial


Island agriculture at its best at Jamestown Community Farm

Local is better. We’re hearing the “local” mantra more often these days, whether we’re discussing local businesses or locally grown food.

The focus on local is important because “local” is sustainable. If we have strong local businesses and healthy local agriculture, our local economy will be robust. It is a simple, but common-sense approach to keeping our community a vibrant place to live. “Local” provides employment and pays the taxes.

We all must participate in the process for a successful community.

The public has recognized that food grown locally is better for the environment than food that is shipped here from the other side of the globe. The public is also realizing that locally grown food is healthier because it is often grown organically. The quality is better. We know the food is fresh.

We are fortunate here in Jamestown that we have several sources of locally grown vegetables and meats available. Some local foods can be found right here on the island. There are also a number of good farmers’ markets nearby.

Islanders who would like to learn more about how their food is grown are always welcome at the Jamestown Community Farm. Volunteers are needed to help with the many jobs associated with growing vegetables. It is a great way to learn gardening first-hand, while helping a good cause.

For the last nine growing seasons, volunteers of all ages have been working at the farm to plant, weed and harvest – an effort that has yielded more than 114,000 pounds of fresh vegetables for soup kitchens and food pantries throughout the state.

Volunteers are welcome to help at the farm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and on Saturday mornings.

Got some free time? Become a volunteer at the Jamestown Community Farm. Learn first-hand how “local” works locally.

— Jeff McDonough

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