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Washout at East Ferry steel pier needs repairs

By Sam Bari

Harbor Commission Executive Director Chief Thomas Tighe reported that a substantial washout at the steel pier at East Ferry was in need of immediate repair.

He told the commission during its July 14 meeting that the matter would get first priority.

“The town will do some of the work,” Tighe said. “I’m not sure about the cost, but the conduits for the fuel and water are all exposed.”

Facilities Chair Susan Little said that she called Town Engineer Mike Gray and that he had already contacted the Coastal Resources Management Council about the situation and “applied to get work done.”

He also discussed the matter with the Jamestown Dept. of Public Works, which said it must cut the deck, reconstruct a portion of the stone wall and back fill. Gray said they would have to place filter fabric behind the repaired wall to prevent a washout in the future, and said he would need money for materials.

In other business, an appeal by Mike Swistak to waive a $100 fine for a delinquent inspection was denied by unanimous vote. Swistak claimed that his mooring had sunk and he was not aware of it. Consequently, he had to hire divers to find it and could not comply with the June 15 deadline.

Swistak had paid the yearly fee online, but he said the inspection was late because locating the mooring took time and effort. Other moorings were close by and Swistak said he thought one of them was his.

The commission concurred that the responsibility for locating the correct mooring was the responsibility of the owner – and that they had denied waiving the fine in similar situations prior to Swistak’s request. Consequently, they voted to deny the application.

Executive director report

Chief Tighe reported that the East Ferry pumpout project would take place between July 19 and 23, and that the West Ferry pumpout needs a new motor.

Harbormaster report

Harbormaster Sam Paterson reported:

• That the Ft. Getty dinghy dock was relocated for easier access.

• The West Ferry outhaul problems were resolved.

• Two channel markers were relocated in West Ferry.

• Channel markers were registered with the Coast Guard.

• Five dinghy permits were distributed on the east side.

• The Easton is being repaired by the town mechanic and will be back in service the week of July 20.

Facilities report

Facilities Chair Susan Little reported:

• Conanicut Marine will replace the ladders and some decking as part of its annual repairs required in the lease agreement with the town.

• Little and Mike Gray inspected the outhauls at Ft. Getty and Dutch Harbor, and initiated repairs.

• A maintenance inspection was completed at Ft. Getty.

• A washout at the end of the bulkhead at West Ferry needs to be filled with gravel. A long-term solution needs to be assessed.

Harbor clerk report

Harbor Clerk Kim Devlin reported that grant money would pay for 75% of the West Ferry pumpout motor that needed replacing. Chief Tighe said the balance should be taken out of the harbor budget.

Devlin also reported that $7,300 in late fees was assessed between July, 2009, and June, 2010.

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