2010-07-22 / Letters to the Editor

Teach kids about bike safety

Again this morning, as I drove down North Main Road headed for my morning workout, a young man on his bicycle just shot out of a side street right in front of me, making a wide arc to the middle of the road.

This same youth did the same thing one day last week and as with most of our youth, he had no clue that he was in any danger. My reason for writing is this: Parents, please teach your children the “rules of the road.” Think of it as an early driver’s education class.

Explain to them that while riding a bike, they need to observe stop signs, yield at intersections and to signal turns. Motorists need your help to keep your children safe. No one wants to injure anyone else, especially a child.

And please, parents - and other adults, when you are riding, be conscious about setting a good example, ride near the side of the road and use caution when entering traffic.

Show kids how to be safe.
Jill Anderson

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