2010-07-22 / News

Islander’s journey to enhanced physique: So far, so good

By Julie Beth Andrews

Six weeks ago, when I first attended Physique Enhancement – a new program at Jamestown Fitness – I felt prepared to charge toward my fitness goals. As a lifelong exercise enthusiast and an avid student of pop nutrition, I thought I already had the information I needed to succeed.

I was partly right.

Brian Reid, founder and leader of the group, brings his knowledge of personal training, life coaching and nutrition to our weekly discussions, offering information to help us make both subtle and profound changes to our daily regimen.

These “little shifts” have made all the difference in my motivation and success.

My favorite of Brian’s suggestions is that we eat six meals each day. At first, I didn’t lose any weight, but my clothes were looser.

In order not to stress out about it, I decided to follow my exercise partner’s suggestion. I wrote my goal weight on a sticky note and taped it over the numbers on my scale. Voila, one less thing to worry about! Later, I read that the actress Halle Berry eats five minimeals a day. Since I would rather look like Halle Berry than Brian Reid, I dropped one meal.

Now, with my ramped-up exercise routine and faster metabolism – which I achieved by eating more often and in smaller amounts – I peeked under the sticky note and found I am halfway toward my weight loss goal.

Brian also gives us a new exercise each week designed to target specific muscle groups in an intense and efficient way. Simply by doing a few reps each day – literally five minutes – I can feel a difference in my core strength. The stronger I feel, the easier it is to get stronger.

Finally, I can’t overstate the power of watching my group partners succeed as the ultimate motivator. When I work out every day, I try to achieve my own personal best. This helps me, obviously, but it also supports the work everyone else is doing. We experience each person’s success collectively.

My goal in the remaining six weeks is to prioritize fitness and healthy eating so that the lessons learned in this group will last a lifetime.

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