2010-08-12 / Editorial

Get ready for fools


It’s mid-August, and that can mean only one thing here in Jamestown – the fools will be out in force.

This Saturday, Aug. 14, marks the 33rd time that islanders and non-islanders alike will shed their inhibitions – and, some might say, their senses – and head to the town beach at East Ferry for a morning of creativity, community and many chuckles.

The Fools’ Rules Regatta, sponsored by the Jamestown Yacht Club, typically draws hundreds of spectators, from those who want to take part in the maritime mayhem to those who just want to watch the whole thing unfold.

It’s a simple premise: At 9 a.m., the cannon will be fired and participants have two hours to make a wind-powered vessel right there on the sand. Boat-builders can use any non-marine items, and past vessels have been constructed of everything from doghouses and hay bales to Volkswagens and giant blocks of ice.

For the record, I would have loved to have seen the ice boat.

Once the vessels are built, participants can enter in one of five classes and try their luck at the 500-yard course.

Prestigious awards, such as the “Karl Smith Most Ingenious Design, the “Frank Newman Judges Award” and the always-entertaining “Worst Example of Naval Architecture,” will be given.

Ready to try your hand at being a fool?

Entry forms and rules are available at businesses throughout town and at www.jyc.org. Or, call Chief Fool Chris Powell at 423-1492 for more information.

We’re not sure if he hands out boat-building advice, too.

Good luck!

– Dara Chadwick

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