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Commissioners mull land use element of Comprehensive Plan

By Sam Bari

Town Planner Lisa Bryer recently led the members of the Planning Commission through a line-by-line review of the town’s updated Comprehensive Community Plan.

With little on the agenda at its Aug. 4 meeting, the commission was free to focus on adjusting, revising and reviewing the plan’s details and additions.

The “land use” section of the plan was a subject of discussion. The section defined the types of land use, which includes the Village, the Jamestown Shores, rural residential areas and conservation areas.

The document also addressed current land use, as well as zoning – a particularly sensitive area that was closely scrutinized.

The future land use section was briefly discussed, but it will be updated at the end of the process, once the significant future land use issues are identified by both the survey and public hearings.

Bryer added a new section that was of particular interest to the commissioners. It addressed future land use achievements since 2002.

The section recognized the installation of the water pipeline between South Pond and North Pond in 2004, the construction of the new water tower in 2007 and improved water infrastructure since 2002.

The section also included farmland preservation in 2007; the wastewater management program; the Jamestown Village special development district; encouraging volunteerism; greenways/linkages and affordable housing.

The Comprehensive Community Plan is an ongoing project that is periodically updated as work progresses on its completion.

In other business, Bryer announced that commissioner Nancy Bennett will resign from the commission at the end of her term this month. Bryer and the other commissioners thanked Bennett for her two years of service, and Bennett expressed her appreciation for their recognition of her contributions.

Rosemary Enright will replace Bennett at the first meeting in September.

Bryer also announced that the Aug. 18 meeting of the Planning Commission is cancelled.

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