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This week in Island history

Week of August 12
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Journal, August 13, 1910

The annual entertainment for the Conanicut Yacht Club, will as usual take the form of water sports, which will be held Saturday afternoon off the yacht club pier. The program includes high dives, fancy diving, diving by girls, egg and spoon contests for boys and girls, canoe tilting, swimming distance racing, etc. All that is needed is good weather and about all Jamestown will be looking on. There is also to be a German by the yacht club, but this will be on some other Saturday night.

The Jamestown Club, which will hold its annual meeting for the election of officers and the transaction of the important business of this year this week, has always been popular and the membership this year is greater than for a number of years. The roll contains the names of judges, clergymen, admirals, generals and other army and navy officers.

The Jamestown Improvement Society is also to hold its annual meeting next week. The work of beautifying the town and keeping the streets clean has been left almost wholly to the summer residents and to carry out the many projects and improvements desired the corporation is needed. The work of the society has undoubtedly added to the popularity of the island as a summer resort.

Preparations are being made for numerous entertainments on the arrival of the fleet.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 9, 1935

(At the Board of Trade meeting) the attention of the Board was called to the overgrowth of hedges at several places, and the danger to pedestrians, from automobiles at these points. It was voted to communicate with the owners and suggest the cutting of these hedges to eliminate possible accidents.

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 10, 1935

All plans are perfected for the exhibit of antiques and articles of historical interest, which is being sponsored by the Jamestown Historical Society, and will be held at St. Matthew’s parish house Monday, Aug. 19, from 2 until 6 p.m. Among the exhibits will be a Colonial kitchen, where tallow candles will be seen in the making, and an old spinning wheel will be in operation.

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 13, 1935

Saturday afternoon, Mrs. John Wadleigh and her sister, Miss Remey, gave an informal tea to the admirals spending the summer in Jamestown.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 9, 1960

The disputed Jamestown oil refinery case will go before the United States Supreme Court for (a) final decision Oct. 4.

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 12, 1960

Jamestown’s new post office at Narragansett and Southwest Avenues will be dedicated tomorrow at 2 p.m. The public has been invited to attend the ceremony. …(Participants included the pastor of St. Mark Church, the rector of St. Matthew’s Church, a color guard from the Newport Naval Station, a field service officer from the Post Office department, and the Town Council President.) Refreshments will be served by the Rotary Anns, and the post office will be open for public inspection until 4 p.m.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 10, 1985

The ninth annual Save the Bay swim, scheduled to begin at 7:30 this morning (Saturday), was postponed until Sunday at 8:30 a.m. because of fog. From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 12, 1985

More than 300 island residents have petitioned the Town Council to enact a 24-hour leash law. From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 14, 1985

The much-awaited debate between dog owners and non-dog owners will have to wait a few weeks. The Town Council Tuesday night put off action on a petition calling for a 24-hour leash law until the signatures can be certified.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Aug. 10, 1995

Although town officials have received a state permit that allows them to pump water from a municipal well, they want residents to understand that it may take another two weeks before any well water can be used to replenish North Pond reservoir. …Despite one-and-a-half inches of rainfall last weekend, the water level at North Pond is down some 53 inches.

Hitch up the wagon and head over to Ft. Getty this weekend. The Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department is again hosting the annual Country Western Fair. …The action on both Saturday and Sunday is slated to begin at high noon and will conclude at 10 p.m.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, Aug. 10, 2000

Homeowners not on the town sewer systems can relax. Although no formal vote was taken yet, it seems clear that the Town Council intends to have only municipal water and sewer customers foot the bill for rehabilitating the town’s 20- year-old sewage treatment plant at Taylor Point.

Residents present at the Parking Committee sound-off session last Thursday night stood up to say that the old Jamestown Bridge is dangerous, pure and simple. Town Council members, a state official from the Department of Transportation, legislators, Jamestown’s police chief and a state trooper heard exasperated complaints from many of the more than 100 islanders in attendance.

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